It’s time to pack! While some might be busy making their to-do lists for their trip, I usually find myself busy trying to figure out what should make it into the suitcase—which outfits, the matching accessories (most of the time I tend to tell myself that they all match, and I will never know what I might be in the mood for so I end up taking my whole jewelry box),  how many shoes, since there are never too many…the list goes on.

I wanted to focus on one of my most favorite things on the list – skin care.

You know, it hard to pick and choose between which one of your favorite goodies you’re going to throw into your travel bag and which ones you’re leaving behind. Lets be honest, you would take them all if they didn’t take up half of your baggage weight limit (and for those of us who like to only travel with a carry on, its even harder!) .

After trying out a few new products throughout the past months, I have picked out the lucky ones that are making their way into my suitcase, all of which are travel friendly—yes, even for the only-carryon lovers).


I’m big on skin hydration so I pack a few things with me…first on the list is the Tinted Hydra-Repair Day Cream, which I find works perfectly when I’m a little tan, since I don’t use a high coverage foundation in the summer (the sun tends to even out my skin, so there’s not much for me to cover up)—this works both as a moisturizer and light foundation.

I finish of the look with some nude eye-shadows from Palette Perfection Eye Quad and add a little color to my lips with the Divine Duo. I’m also taking with me the lilah b. brush set—it comes in an elegant and compact vegan brush roll, which makes it easy and comfortable to carry them around with me.

Oh, and of course a Setting Spray with SPF to set everything in place and protect my skin from the sun!

These products are great for an every day, natural-look make up. It’s very simple and quick to put together. And what’s even better is that it takes almost no space in your bag! Name a better thing for when you’re traveling.


Now, my serious skincare routine kicks at the night. I’m bringing with me the Verso Nourishing Kit, which has everything I need to cleanse and hydrate your skin. I start off with the Micllear Water to remove any makeup on my face and then apply the nourishing and eye creams. If my skin is feeling too dry, I’ll go ahead and apply the hydration serum as well to keep my skin as moisturized as possible. Anywhere I go, I bring my Drying Lotion buddy—I don’t break out much in the summer, but when I do, this thing saves my life! This has been one of the best skincare discoveries I’ve made in the past two years.

Another essential on my list is a Lip Balm—your lips need some hydration too! Especially after all the sun.

Last but not least is a hand cream, which I tend to use for the rest of my body to keep my skin hydrated.

Now its time to figure out the rest of my packing…