Who knew it was going to be one of the coldest days of the month? The wind whistled along with the engine, at times, making the car gently shiver—we were off to Catskill, New York. The sun’s warm touch was slowly being replaced by the clouds that became thicker as we drove up north. The weeds were starting to hide beneath a white blanket.

Food shopping, song hunting, a glamorous breakfast at IHOP, fingers dancing on each other’s palms—the two hours disappeared into the cold air. We found ourselves on a small, snowy side road where we noticed a sign that pointed to where our Getaway cabin would be waiting for us.

As we entered the gates, we followed a thin path that laid itself in between the tall trees. You could see a few black cabins scattered around in the distance—Grace, Henry, Hope, Dora, Frieda—all different shapes and sizes. We drove, as the wheels squeaked on top of the flatted down snow until we found our cabin—Columbia—peeking through the swaying pine trees.

The warmth and cozy set up of the cabin instantly made us feel at home. It wasn’t big, but it had everything we needed—cooking essentials, snacks, some books, cards, and a bed that overlooked the woods through a floor-to-ceiling window. It was almost like a screen on which we watched the nature in its stillness, and through which the moon kept its eye on us at night. 

By the evening the room was getting filled with the sweet smell of cinnamon, citrus, and Miraval—we were making mulled wine to keep us warm while we cooked dinner.

The sky was clear the next day and the wind has made its way elsewhere. The snow glittered underneath the sun’s touch.  There was something about walking together through the silence of the woods. We were able to completely disconnect, take everything in as it was, enjoy each other’s company, create and capture so many beautiful memories.

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P.S. I would like to thank Getaway and their lovely team for such a pleasant and memorable stay ♡.