Paris--the buttery smell of croissants, baking in the oven. The way it runs down the street, early in the morning, filling up every corner, before the sun makes its way out from behind the horizon. The silence that lays by the river, side by side with the never-ending string of cars—there we spent our evenings, watching the sky turn different shades of pink, drinking wine, and falling in love with every moment.

It's easy to forget about your budget in such a lavish city, so I decided to share a few things that will help you enjoy this beautiful place without spending too much money.

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Uber rides are great. Let’s be honest, we all enjoy a leisure car ride, whether you’re cramped in the back seat of the shared pool ride or let yourself enjoy the spacious X. The convenience of the fast Paris metro system and the electric scooters, scattered all around the city, saved us many euros on transportation (it also made me despise our forever-delayed NYC Subways and the non-sense scooter regulations even more). Figuring out the Metro was a no brainer—we were able to understand it rather quickly. It was easy to use, and it got us from point A to point B in the areas we couldn’t use the scooters and throughout the hilly areas of Clignancourt. Otherwise, we scootered most of our time around Paris, which wasn’t only fun, but let us discover the smallest corners of the city. We saw countless amount of different brands, but our favorite was the Bird as it was faster, and the battery life was perfect.




Hôtel Le Sénat

Two-level Parisian suite in the heart of the city—what else can you ask for while in Paris?

When we arrived at 6 in the morning, we were sure we’ll have to wait another six hours to be able to check in…to our surprise, the kind staff of Hôtel Le Sénat (we can’t thank you enough) let us check in as soon as we arrived. A view of the city from an old fashioned Parisian window on the first floor and a beautiful private balcony on the second floor, where we spent our mornings sipping coffee and enjoying the fresh croissants they served at the lobby. The hotel had a great attention to detail—the room came with a smartphone which came in really handy as our service on our phones was very slow. The neighborhood that this hotel is located in was probably one of our favorites as we were able to explore so much by foot (and the scooter, of course).


Chouette Hôtel

This cozy hotel is located in a 15th Arrondissement neighborhood where you will barely bump into any tourists. Our room had a lovely view of the city and the gorgeous architecture around—what’s more Parisian than laying in the bed, next to an open window with such a view and a good book, while the birds chirp on the window sill.

This family-oriented neighborhood was quiet and offered a variety of cafes and creperies (one of which we fell in love with! Keep on reading to find out which one).



Delicious buttery croissants, freshly baked baguettes, and those crepes! Safe to say that I’m drooling right this second just remembering it all. Before we went anywhere our first stop in the morning was House Landemaine Jules Joffrin where we got fresh buttery croissants and some baguette sandwiches (I still think about them today…).

Only in Paris, you will see a block full of creperies, one next to another (like on the Rue du Montparnasse). On that same street, we stumbled upon a cozy, old-fashion creperie, La Crêperie de Josselin, where we had scrumptious savory and sweet crepes.

If you’re looking for a something other than crepes and croissants, check out The Hardware Societe—have a brunch date at this lovely boutique café designed by Anthony Bourdaine and explore the small streets of Montmartre.

We couldn’t have left Paris without trying their signature cheeses! Fromagerie DANARD is conveniently located in the center of the city, providing a wide selection of French cheeses and wines. The kind and knowledgeable staff picked and paired the cheeses for us. These were one of the most satisfying cheese tastings we’ve been to (I’ve been trying to find those cheeses in New York since).

Parisian pastries are pure art, and Yann Couvreur does a great job at showing that. The desserts look so good you 1) want to try every single one of them, and 2) almost feel bad to eat because of how stunning they look! I won’t say much as I might end up making you hungry—check this little café out for yourself and make sure to get a coconut kouign-amann!




I want to start off by saying that there is so much to see in Paris, and one week was definitely not enough to explore all of the city to the fullest.

Choosing to ride around the scooters was one of the best choices we’ve made, as we saw so much more that we would’ve if we had only used the metro and a car—it was pretty much like walking by foot but ten times faster.

Spend your days relaxing in the Tuileries Garden and evenings by the Seine, watching the sun go down and having a picnic—I don’t think this is something I could get tired of—it felt amazing every time we did it!


You can’t visit Paris and not go to Musée du Louvre (where we skipped the line by entering the museum through one of the “secret” entrances, and spent more hours than expected, but absolutely loved it!) or go up the Eiffel Tower—there isn’t much for me to say about these place as you have to be there and experience it for yourself. Take the stairs instead of waiting hours for the elevator and burn off all those extra Parisian carbs (and if you’re a student, don’t forget your ID as you will only pay half the price).

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To be honest, every street is so beautiful in its own way.

So, my suggestion would be, yes, visit the places you read in every other blog and travel guides, but also give yourself enough time just to walk around. However impossible this wouldn’t sound , put away your navigator, let yourself get lost for a little bit, and you’ll come across little jams no one could’ve told you about.

As those overused quotes like to state, unwind and explore.

Au revoir  <3