Strange to say that October has already come to an end. Despite the cliché-ness, it feels as if it flew by. But then again, it kind of always feels that way when you look at the ripped out page of the calendar in your hand (although, I don’t know if people still do that). I want to dedicate this blog to October and all the special moments it has brought along.


October came with the sun’s softened rays and a hint of color in the trees. Autumn was slowly creeping in, hauling the heavy clouds behind itself. It was a perfect time to leave this busy city and its noises—just for one day no frustrated honking, no excuse me’s on the busy sidewalk, no sirens, no “there is train traffic ahead of us”.

That Saturday morning, we woke up to a grey sky. Haven’t thought much about it, we packed our bags with some essentials, food, a tent and made our way into the woods. The fog laid in between the tall trees, moving slowly with the wind. The light drizzle made the ground wet and slippery. After hiking for some time, we came to a shore, which overlooked a lake, where we pitched our tents. I’ll let these images do the rest of the story-telling.




Like most of other people, we couldn’t help but have at least one of these festive things on your to-do-list. When you live so close to Upper NY and NJ, you get lucky to have so many options of where to go, which also makes it hard when it comes to decision making. We chose with Fishkill Farms.

 It was another gloomy morning, with a little bit of rain here and there. As we drove out into the northern part of New York, we were glad to see the rain stop.

The farm had over ten types of apples that were still in season and kept the branches of the trees heavy. Depending on the time of the year, the farm also offers pumpkins, pears, sunflowers, peaches, strawberries, and other berries and vegetables.

Having left with a full bag of apples, I placed some aside to make a Caramelized Upside Down Apple Pie and an Apple Crumb Pie, which filled the house with the sweet and warm Autumn smell.

Apple Crumb Pie

Caramelized Upside-Down Apple Pie

Apple Crumb Pie

Caramelized Upside-Down Apple Pie




Long Island has a rich selection of vineyards, and this month we were pleased to pay a visit to one of the wineries located in the North Fork of Long Island—Lieb Cellars. The vineyard offers a cozy barn and a patio, which overlooks the peaceful nature of Long Island. October has been pretty chilly and rainy for the most part, and that day wasn’t promising much sun, so we settled in the warm barn filled with light chatter and clinking of glasses, where we got to taste a wide range of whites and reds, describe the wine notes we picked up on and chat with the friendly bartender who answered all the questions we had.




This year we didn’t celebrate Halloween just once, but twice! Starting with a good weekend party, we were happy to celebrate the 10 year anniversary Halloween Party hosted by BangOn! NYC. A huge warehouse, two stages featuring talented DJ’s, entertainment booths, elevation points, lounge zones, artist shops, you name it, they had it all.

On the day of Halloween, we attended a Costume Dinner Party, hosted by The Wild Honey Pie. We had a delicious three-course meal (I never thought a vegetarian Bolognese can be so good!) at Le Fanfare—a cozy Italian restaurant in Greenpoint—and watched the talented Salt Cathedral perform live. This was a great way to end the month.