The coffee culture in New York is ever-growing. Whether you’re running in for a quick morning fix, or trying to find a comfortable chair and a reliable WiFi, coffee shops in this hectic city are always busy. I decided to take a moment and share few of the most unique coffee shops located in Brooklyn.


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This is more than just a coffee shop—located in the heart of Williamsburg, Woops! BakeShop is a place to go to if you find a moment from your busy day, to sit down and enjoy a fresh macaron with your coffee. If you happen to stop by early in a day during one of the week days, you won’t have a problem finding an empty table, since weekends tend to get a little (and, sometimes, a lot) busy. The simplicity and the beauty of the interior draws lots of attention of anyone passing by. Woops! BakeShop has become one of the names everyone puts on their bucket list for many reasons, one of which is their wide selection of traditional, yet very unique, macarons. You can visit their website to order some of your favorite flavors.




A home away from home—that’s what this café is. Roots Café offers a cozy space, where the walls showcase the art of local artists. The space has its own style, which cannot be found in any other coffee shop. The owners, Patricia and Gareth, were able to seamlessly incorporate themselves into the café and make it their own.

Here’s what they have to say about their café:

“We want people to walk in the door and feel at home. Roots is a place for important conversations; the kind that happen over hot cups of coffee, for writing books and poems and grants; fueled by rosemary lattes and cold brew. A place for reading great books, dreaming courageous dreams or just sitting in the garden listening to the sounds of the city in the quiet of the afternoon.

We feel like it is such a privileged to create space for the amazing people that walk through our doors everyday. New York is a hard place, the constant hustle and bustle of the city can be overwhelming and Roots is your break. Roots is a space where you can step in and breathe again.”

With that being said, stop by and try out their delicious vegan sandwich, The Taibi, while sipping on an Iced Coconut Americano in their secret, little garden.




The Freehold, another Williamsburg-based café, is a coffee shop, as well as a “hotel without hotel rooms” says the owner. It is the perfect spot to go to if you have to sit on your laptop to spend few hours getting some work done. The spacious rooms offer a variety of seating areas, both indoors and outdoors, with tables, chairs and lighting for every taste. In addition to their carefully made coffee, The Freehold offers a wide selection of cocktails and snacks. Hang out here long enough on the weekend and watch the space turn into a bar, sometimes even with live music.




One can’t say too little about Toby’s Estate Coffee, but I’m going to try and keep it as short as possible. “Toby’s Estate Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster founded in Brooklyn, New York. As roasters and baristas they believe that each coffee can tell a story, and they seek to share that in every cup”, tell us the brand’s representatives. Located in Williamsburg the coffee shop reflects its neighborhood—a large airy space, with a window wall, which allows the sun to sneak in and warm you up while you’re enjoying your drink. The coffee shop offers comfortable seating, if you want to spend few hours on your laptop. They also offer “a large range of individually-created, consumer-facing Brew School classes”, which you can learn more about on their website. It’s important for us, coffee lovers, to know a little more about what we’re drinking. So learn away!




Enjoy Bushwick’s rustic coffee shop with a wide variety of hot drinks, including Cannabis Latte, which catches everyone’s attention (I mean, how can it not). The low lighting, and quite atmosphere of Swallow Café will make you sink in the seat, where you can get lost in your book, or computer, or even a conversation with a stranger. If you’re looking for a place with more than just pastries and bagels, then check out their Cobble Hill location.




Located in Prospect Heights, Sit & Wonder is perfect spot to stop by after your stroll through the scenic routs of Prospect Park. Serving Stumptown coffee and delicious pastries, Sit & Wonder is a place where the locals come to do some work over a well-made cup of coffee. So if you’re in the neighborhood, grab a drink, sit down in their quiet garden, and let your mind wonder.