Greetings, dear reader…

My name is Lavina, and I’m a content creator, currently living in Brooklyn, NY, where I moved to, at the age of fourteen, from Russia. New York has become, what I now call, home. This place inspires me every single day.

I have graduated with Bachelor degrees in Philosophy and English. It might be hard to believe, but no matter how challenging the college years were, I enjoyed each step of the way as I was able to learn how to search for the self that everyone loves to talk about. I did so by reading, writing prose and poetry, creating visual art, by using a variety of mediums, and traveling.

Traveling has helped me learn that there is more than one way of doing things, no matter what it is. This also helped me with the exploration of my vision, and acceptance that it is not like anybody else’s. And that’s okay.  Although we’re all the same, in the sense that we are humans—we experience the same world, emotions, similar situations—we're never really exactly the same due to our perception. With that came the understanding that there isn’t such a thing as universal perfection. And that’s okay too.

That being said, what I present on the pages of this website is my vision.

See for yourself what I see.



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